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Nakano Twins

11 Oct 2018
Nakano Twins - Adam Nathaniel Furman -
Ruth Ward

By Adam Nathaniel Furman

To be seen at the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018 18-22 October Kortrijk, Belgium 

The Nakano Twins are a pair of furniture units designed to be as full of personality as cartoon characters, voluble, talkative little members of the household that bring as much animation to the spaces they are in as a happy pet, or a boisterous toddler. Inspired by Nakano Broadway in Tokyo, a shopping centre that has been colonised by colourful Anime shops, and Cosplay & Manga enthusiasts, the Twins are dressed-up in their favourite costumes, and are naughtily hybrid in their use, following their owners around their office or apartment on their little orange wheels, offering to be drinks stands, bedside tables, office storage, or just a handy colourful, loyal domestic companion. Made out of powder-coated steel, sprayed MDF and painted tulipwood, the units are made in London, inspired by Tokyo, and are totally 100% Kawaii.


shelving & storage

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Adam Nathaniel Furman
08 Nov 2018

Adam Nathaniel Furman is an artist and designer based in London, trained trained in Architecture and Fine Arts.