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Niels Moller dining Chairs in Mahogany

- 09 Jan 2015 -
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Hi all,


Has anyone ever seen Niels moller 78 dining chairs made in Mahogany? I have been offered a set by someone for sale but have only seen pictures so far. They say they are mahogany and the wood looks very dark in the pictures. I have only ever seen the 78's in Rosewood or Teak so assume they are rosewood but they are sure they are mahogany. 



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- 09 Jan 2015

Never seen that, but Møller does use a variety of woods: Teak, Rosewood, Oak, Cherry, Maple.  I remember even seeing some in pine once.  So it is hard to imagine that they never, ever used mahogany, even for a custom order.  Note also, that I've seen other chairs in Afrormosia that look a fair bit like mahogany, as both woods can have similar interlocked grain patterns, and depending on the patina on the Afrormosia, it can be passing through a very mahogany like color phase.  

- 09 Jan 2015

I have never seen moller 78  in mahogony bat I have them in rosewood and the wood looks very dark too. Maybe they are mistaken. Rosewood has more reddish hue and mahogony more brownish. Can you post some pictures?


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