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- 22 Feb 2016

Those don't look like any Moller chairs I've ever seen and it's not like they produced a great number of designs. There were only 20 or so, counting the newer ones. I don't believe they did any that had screw plug covers, but they're still in business so you could always try emailing them yourself!

Unscrupulous dealers are known to put fake labels on lower end furniture in order to get a better price and move it faster. Could be the case here.

- 22 Feb 2016

There's the same style listed on 1stDibs in rosewood and black leather for about $1200, and I've seen 3 that have sold in different ebay sales that are the same style, but no one has the model number or specific date of manufacture. All 6 of my chairs have the Moller label. I emailed the Moller company late last week but have not yet received a reply. I'm using my phone now to post this so cannot provide links until I get home.

- 22 Feb 2016

By the way, my husband has made furniture both as a hobby and professionally off and on over the past 40 years and he says the quality and workmanship of this set is excellent from a craftsmans point of view. It's beautiful to me too and seems well made and sturdy. I despise cheap furniture!

- 22 Feb 2016

Hmm! Well, I hope you year back from the Danes and please do a followup, whatever you hear!

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