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Join us! DesignAddict, the premium hub for design lovers since 1998

DesignAddict. The online hub and marketplace for modern, post-modern and contemporary design of the 20th-21st centuries.

Tradition - The meeting place where design lovers share, discuss, sell & buy their objects of passion, and have done so for more than 15 years.
Innovation - Exclusive new features and better options for improved buyer-seller relationships.
Satisfaction - Dedicated services for buyers, dealers, and collectors around the world.

Share your passion for design: join the DesignAddict Hub Sell your items, advertise your events & services on our marketplace
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The DesignAddict Hub where connoisseurs develop and
share their passion for design, for free
DesignAddict’s premium online marketplace, where dealers
successfully sell and promote their collections
search, collect and share qualified, useful and original information
reach thousands of qualified buyers and sellers for no commission, 24/7
learn about the latest trends and follow comments
track, manage and optimise your inventory and sales
exchange specific information with thousands of users
promote your items, services and events.

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